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About Us … is actually all about you


The inspiration and reason for GYM8Q8’s existence is the founders desire to present to YOU the member, a truly unique FUN but EFFECTIVE exercise experience.


Adam Jeffery

Manager/Head Trainer

with many years of experience as a personal trainer and coach, Adam is the face of GYM8Q8 and leader of the team. Adam is confident that our new concept will offer a fresh and exciting vehicle to obtaining your fitness goals. His enthusiasm is contagious, come and catch the bug.


Aaron Scott


Aaron plays a major role in ensuring GYM8Q8 members are offered the very latest ‘state of art’ equipment. Aaron visits World trade fairs and fitness equipment factories on a regular basis to select and design new models for our members. His vast experience in this role and his keen passion for his own physical fitness/development are key reasons why GYM8Q8 will stay ahead of the game.


Matt Isaia


All the stunning images of the gym and its members are all thanks to this man. With a keen eye for detail, Matt was also a major player in the design of GYM8Q8. Be sure to keep up to date with all the latest that GYM8Q8 has to offer on our Facebook and Instagram pages.


David Renouf


The driving force behind establishing this unique concept is still passionate and excited about the future of GYM8Q8 and the fitness industry in general. David has been a major player in the industry for over 40 years. A former Bodybuilding champion, founder/president of NBBA in WA and promoter of National and State Fitness championship events. Also with his then partner Sami Renouf, credited with establishing the Personal trainer studios concept to Western Australia, opening the first Personal Training Centre in 1989.

FUN – The very different visual appearance of GYM8Q8 was a conscious effort to create an upbeat and uplifting environment where you will have fun and enjoy returning to. Social events for members and guests are scheduled regularly to create a real club atmosphere where members can interact in a fun and relaxed environment.

EFFECTIVE – For those who want to improve their fitness and appearance (maybe we’re all in that camp) GYM8Q8 offers top qualified/certified trainers, all with a passion to coach, encourage and achieve the goals set for their clients.

GYM8Q8 has the most comprehensive range of equipment of any gym in the country.

NO ONE LEFT BEHIND – We cater for first time beginners with no exercise experience through to professional sports athletes. Boasting 518 pieces of exercise equipment. So if you’re into general fitness/flexibility/mobility, rehabilitation, CrossFit, Bodybuilding, Olympic lifting, GYM8Q8 is for YOU.

CRÈCHE – Mums (oh, and Dads) and Bubs are very welcome, with a supervised crèche area including TV, toys and games to keep them entertained.

It’s all about YOU.

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