Our members love our gym. They love the style, atmosphere, people, staff and service they get every time they visit. Check out just some of the many satisfied members and their thoughts on Gym8Q8.


Adrian continues to surprise us week by week. His pure determination to push himself harder each one of his Personal Training sessions just shows what a strong willed person he is. And his results are showing!!

Keeping pushing yourself, Adrian!


Cindy is an absolute trooper! Another member that has been with us since day one, Cindy has put in non-stop effort in her personal training sessions, group fitness and even her solo training sessions. No matter how hard she is pushed, she always has a smile on her face and a bubbly attitude towards her workouts.

Her results are proof of her dedication to improving her health and happiness. We love you Cindy!

Craig & Hayley

This dynamic duo never miss a beat! They have shown up to every one of their group classes with a smile and the drive to work hard. Working as a team has helped them stay focused on their goals and has already fast tracked their journey to success.

We love having you both, keep it up!


Meet Max, Makenzie and Evie! These little tykes love to burn energy in our KIDS Training sessions. A team building and fitness increasing class is the best way for your kids to stay healthy while also learning social skills and just having fun!

They love it and we love having them!


Richard has been with Gym8Q8 since it opened. His Personal Training sessions with Adam have produced amazing results so far. As you can see from his testimonial, Richard LOVES training with Adam and expresses that quite clearly in his kind words…

Keep it up Richard!!


Joe is a beast! His dedication and drive to improve is motivating to watch. He always pushes his limits in his PT sessions and also during his casual visits. We can see his physical and mental growth since he started.

Keep doing what you’re doing, Joe!


Mirna is so friendly and brings a lot of life and energy to our group classes. She’s always raring to get stuck into her training and reach her goals. She’s made amazing progress so far.

Smash it, girl!


Brendon is a star! Even since getting his testimonial, he has continued to push himself further than he has before with the help of Adam, our head trainer. His goals to build muscle are certainly coming along and we couldn’t be prouder.

Keep pushing yourself, Brendon!


Myles is a joy to have in the gym. His smile and bubbly personality make training along side him enjoyable. He has also achieved so much already in his time at Gym8Q8 and we’re excited to see how far he goes.

Keep it up champ!


Vince couldn’t be happy with our setup. He’s been struggling at other gyms to find adequate equipment to suit his needs. Luckily for Vince, Gym8Q8 is here to help, and now he’s hooked!

Glad we can help, Vince!


Steve is an inspiration! Despite certain challenges in his life, he’s determined to stay fit and healthy and we couldn’t be more proud of his achievements so far.

Amazing to watch, Steve!


It’s hard to keep Kuenga out of the gym! He just loves it, and we love seeing him. His friendly and positive attitude adds to the great environment at Gym8Q8.

Keep it up!

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